I am saying yes to more collaboration in 2020!

So, when Kelly at KLJ Studios showed my her “Make-up Monday” video she was working on with Vero from Veronica Gersalia Makeup Artistry, I said, “I want in!”
I told them I had an idea for some images that would accompany my Valentine’s Day Collection.  These ladies are among my biggest supporters and remind me often to love myself as much as I love my flowers!
Here is a link to the awesome video from KLJ Studios, Veronica Gersalia Makeup Artistry, and Sarah Larkin Design:


And here are a few of my favorites from the photo shoot after:

  Love the one you’re with (especially yourself!), and spread the love to others with amazing flowers this Valentine’s Day.  Order at: http://sarahlarkindesign.com/2020-valentines-day-collection