Valentine’s Day!!

Valentine’s Day has always been a mixed emotion holiday for me. As a florist, I have a slightly different take on the whole “Valentine’s Day experience”. This marks my 16th Valentine’s Day in the Floral industry.

Valentine’s Day has historically been met with very long hours, aching feet, back, shoulders…well really everything aches. It tests your mental and physical stamina.

By the time I would get home from work I would fall asleep on the couch or in the bathtub soaking my tired body. Not exactly what I think of when I think about how I want to celebrate love! Valentine’s Day has often been re-scheduled in my house so that I can properly show up and not just fall face first into my dinner.

It wasn’t all pain and misery! Those long hard hours would cement the team’s bond. We would laugh a lot, sing songs, do little dances. Anything to continue to bring the joy back into what we were doing and get us through very long hours of standing on our feet.

Erin from Zest West and Sarah from Sarah Larkin Design having fun with Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day Collaboration!

This 16th Valentine’s Day looks very different for me. I have a local florist that still holds my heart, and I will be joining the team for a few hours while my son is at school. No 12,14, unmentionable number of hours standing on my feet. The push I will feel will be to give them my absolute best for the hours I have. Then? I come home. I take care of my son, and I take care of my customers.

I am so blessed by my community. My community supports Sarah Larkin Design, and helps me to thrive. I have partnered with Zest West Bakery to offer amazing cookies and flowers for a small group. My mission is to have amazing product and service which means I only have 20 spots left available!

Romantic flowers and delicious pastries for Valentine’s Day
A whole lot of beautiful goodness from Sarah Larkin Design and Zest West

We have two packages available this year:

Beautiful Valentine’s day arrangement by Sarah Larkin design and a box of cookies from Zest West Bakery.
Lush and Yummy $75

Lush and Yummy features Locally grown seeded eucalyptus and privet berry with Queen protea, lavender roses, and red spray roses in a brushed metal vase accompanied by an assorted box of fantastic cookies and brownies from Zest West Bakery.

Gorgeous Valentine’s Day flowers from Sarah Larkin design and Valentine’s Day cookies and cake pops from Zest West Bakery
The Wow Factor $125

Want to make a splash? This is the one for you! A bigger arrangement with more flowers, cookies and cake pops (an especially great choice if you also have little ones. One gift covers everyone!)

I can deliver to homes and offices in Woodland and Davis (contact me for other areas nearby).

Call, text or email to place your order. We are excited to share our art with you to give and enjoy!

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