“Design the Life You Want to Live.”

Sarah Larkin Design believes in living a life of integrity and authenticity.  For Sarah, that means building a business that helps facilitate living that life.

She took her 15 years of floral design experience and dared to dream.  Her vision of Sarah Larkin Design allows her to design a schedule that integrates with her family’s schedule, provides financial security, promotes collaboration over competition, incorporates more eco-friendly practices, and builds in time for mental, physical and spiritual growth.

The art of flower arrangement provides the opportunity to practice problem solving skills, client relations, attention to detail, time management, vision and execution, community building; it can challenge physical and mental stamina, and it gives the opportunity to put such beauty into the world.

Sarah Larkin Design, of Northern California, is based in Yolo County’s beautiful Woodland, CA, and delivers to Davis, Woodland, Knight’s Landing, and Esparto.