Floristry in the times of the Pandemic

I wrote this to share with the Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis last month.  Today, I was asked for a copy of it, and I thought maybe others would be interested to know what it’s like to be a studio florist in these times, and it shows my love affair with building connections in my community. Here goes:

As we shelter-in-place, I sit in my studio and revel in writing messages of hope, love, gratitude, care and concern from one human to another that accompany bouquets of flowers lovingly ordered, picked and arranged.  If I know the recipient, I lean on my familiarity with them and let that guide me as I choose flowers for their bouquets. 

When delivering, I watch from safely down the drive as the door opens. That initial expression of delight and surprise (and sometimes confusion!)  on community members faces warms my heart and a smile can always be found on my masked face, because I am witnessing the invisible line that is connecting two people.  Through our giving and receiving, we have left invisible lines of connection, thoughtfulness, love and kindness.  Despite the odds, we are finding ways to keep our love flowing to each other and through each other.

 It is a blessing to give and a blessing to receive…when it is our time to receive, let us revel in it.  It can be a challenge to fully open ourselves up to the gifts we are given.  In those moments, if we remember that we are meant to be both givers and receivers in our lives, we can let go any thoughts that might hinder our ability to fully experience the gifts we are offered.

When our cup is overflowing, let us gleefully (yet safely) experience sharing our unique gifts and talents with each other.

To be the connector, the bridge, the vessel in which love can hitch a ride in right now is an amazing gift.  I am in the unique position to be fully present and witness to the experience of both the giver and the receiver and the river of love in between.


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