Building the business of my dreams during a pandemic

I am sitting outside in the sun after watering and tending to the garden. I’ve harvested everything I need for the order I have today. The boys have been hammering rocks for 45 minutes making a “concoction”. It dawned on me that I am actually living out my dreams of having a business that supports me as an artist, as a mom, and as a community member.

Before the pandemic, I was a weddings and events florist, because I didn’t believe that I could be a successful parent and daily florist. I thought it would be way too much. When the pandemic hit, I decided to go all in on myself as a business owner and a mom. I wanted to create an existence that didn’t feel rushed and stressed.

A year later, I’ve realized I’ve done just that. Most days I have 1 or 2 orders. While, I would love financially if I had 5-10 arrangements a day, I think the pace has been exactly what I’ve needed in order to come out of the pandemic with my mental, physical, and relationship(s) health intact.

I have appreciated growing my own flowers. It’s allowed me to stay home more, save money, and truly experience the delight of growing my own flowers, arranging and delivering them all myself.

I am incredibly grateful for my customers that choose to do their business with me…who respect and value my desire to live a healthy and balanced life.


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