Why buy your flowers from me?

I think about this question often: “Why buy your flowers from me?” Flowers have become very accessible in the last ten years. Costco, Trader Joe’s, and grocery stores all carry flowers. How convenient (and often cheap)! I myself have occasionally purchased flowers from these establishments. For instance, Trader Joe’s will sometimes have amazing deals on peonies. So amazing in fact, they are far cheaper than I can get from a wholesaler. So, I go back to my original question: “Why buy your flowers from me?”

Art and Creativity

I take individual flowers

Peony blossom

And combine them to create art:

Bridal bouquet designed by Sarah Larkin rustic barn Davis, ca
Bridal Bouquet at Lawley Ranch

I think art is a fantastic reason to buy flowers from me, but there are so many more!

Local Business Owner

When you buy flowers from me, you are supporting a local business who is very interested in supporting other local businesses. Local farmers get my business. Local photographers, make-up artists, restaurants, wedding coordinators, downtown shops, and so much more gets my business.

Sarah Larkin poses in front of KLJ studios on fabulous first street in Woodland
Me posing for Kelly from KLJ Studios


I don’t know how many of you know that I’m a mom as well. I have a wonderful 7 year old boy. My business is set up so that I can be successful personally, professionally, and as a mommy! I had to figure out how to balance all of these things that are so precious to me.

When you buy flowers from me, you are supporting my art and my volunteering commitment to my son and his school on Wednesday mornings. Your support gives my son his “yay day” as he calls it.

Sarah Larkin and her son at the Woodland Food Truck Mania
Spencer and I enjoying Food Truck Mania

Your support allows me to chaperone my son’s field trips.

Gondolas at the Oakland Zoo
We visited the Oakland Zoo and took many trips on the new gondolas!

I am committed to living my best life. For me, that means showing up, thinking outside the box, setting myself up for success, pushing myself personally, professionally and creatively. When you buy flowers from me, it benefits me, my business, my son, and our community. Thank you so much for your support!

Sarah Larkin poses in front of rustic metal building
Thank you for your support!

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