Personal Branding

A year and a half ago I walked into KLJ Studios as the newly formed business: Willow Floral Design. Kelly and I clicked instantly. She loved my passion, and I loved her exuberance. It was out of that meeting that so many parts of me came forward. Kelly helped me to commit to believing in my self 100%. It was this day that I chose to put my whole self out there and be Sarah Larkin Design.

Sarah Larkin Design Logo

Over the past year and a half, my business has grown tremendously and Kelly at KLJ Studios continues to support the evolvement of me as a female business owner as well as the success of my business.

Last week, I scheduled a personal branding session with KLJ Studios and Veronica Gersalia Makeup Artistry to freshen up the content of my website. Once terribly shy and riddled with self judgement, the idea of getting my hair and makeup done for a photo shoot of…myself…would have been rejected. Kelly and Vero have chipped away at those fears out come my “scrunchy face” as Kelly calls it. I must admit it is a much more enjoyable experience without all of that self judgement!

Sarah Larkin Design ownerThis year’s Sarah Larkin Design image winner

The day before the shoot, I went to visit my friend Lori at Heartstone Gardens. I love that she invites me onto her property to get inspiration. We wander the garden talking about our kids and business, and gather bunches of flowers as they grab my attention. I love that my business gives me the opportunity to connect with people like Lori on a deeper level, and the ability to support another momtrepreneur.

Lori’s garden provided much of the inspiration for the shoot. The spiciness of the scented geranium, the scruffiness of the scabiosa and the romantic frill of the lisianthus come together in this arrangement of elegance.

I am very simple when it comes to my jewelry so it comes as no surprise that I tend to go minimalistic and playful on my corsages and floral jewelry. I loved the geometric shapes within this dahlia. I knew I wanted to wear it as a bracelet as soon as I saw it.

Burgundy Ball Dahlia CorsageDahlia Corsage
Wire Necklace with Sunball PendantSunball Pendant Necklace

Crespedia corsage with SLD in wire

“SLD” Sunball Corsage

This next arrangement features burgundy dahlias from my garden, double click pink cosmos, purple hyacinth bean, fresh green love-in-a puff and flowering Thai basil from Heartstone Garden. I love adding fresh herbs to table centerpieces. I think they enhance the culinary experience by prepping our senses and getting them ready and excited!

Sarah Larkin with a beautiful centerpiece of hyacinth bean, dahlias, cosmos, and love-in-a-puff vine.Garden Delight
Wedding Florist Sarah Larkin Woodland CaDahlia Floral Bracelet
Sarah Larkin wears a modern Floral braceletModern Sunball Floral Bracelet
Purple and pink floral arrangement Happy Floral Designer

I ran into Rudy during my shoot. It was his birthday lol #norudynoparty

Picture with Sarah And Rudy #norudynoparty


And for Kelly and Vero-the bloopers. They always say I make funny faces. Some of the faces of Sarah:

Silly 1
Silly 2
Silly 3

Blooper gone wrong (or right?)

I was dancing with the wall while I waited for Kelly’s direction…I paused and she got the shot!